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Function of Pigment in Food

December 08,2022

Pigment, here we discuss the application of pigment in food. Pigment is also called colorant in food. Colorant is an additive that can make food color and improve food color. It is a food additive. According to relevant national regulations, its use methods and regulations are included in the GB 2760-2014 National Food Safety Standard for the Use of Food Additives.

Among the evaluation indexes of food, the color evaluation is the most direct and simple, and also ranks first. Food color is the first feeling of consumption experience and one of the indicators to judge whether food quality is good or bad; The real value of food materials is determined by their color. In food processing, some ingredients or ingredients have no color, or their natural pigments will change color or fade, so in order to restore or improve the color of food, colorants need to be used.

The color will associate with the taste.

Whether a kind of food is attractive in color and gives people a sense of taste determines the market and evaluation to a large extent. The effects of common colors on the senses are roughly as follows:

1. Green and blue: It gives people a fresh and refreshing feeling, and is mainly used for alcohol, convenience dishes, beverages and other foods. However, it also feels raw, cold and sour, so canned non vegetable dishes, snacks and pastries generally do not use this color;

2. Red: It gives people a strong, ripe and delicious feeling, and is bright and eye-catching, which can stimulate consumers' desire to buy, so many candies and pastries use this color;

3. Orange: It is a mixed color of yellow and red. It has the advantages of red and yellow, giving people a strong feeling of sweetness, maturity and mellowness. It is widely used in beverages, cans and other foods;

4. Coffee color: It gives people a unique and rich flavor. Coffee, chocolate, drinks, cakes, beer and tea are often used;

5.Yellow: It gives people the feeling of fragrant, ripe and delicious, and greatly increases their appetite. Baked food, canned fruit, margarine and other foods are often used.