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Barley Grass Powder 100% Barley Grass Powder

Botanical Name:Hordeum vulgare L.
Plant Part Used:Leaf
Processing Method:Drying, Grinding
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Product Features
ItemsSpecificationTest Methods
Physical Analysis
Color  greenOrganoleptic
Mes95% Passes through #80 meshUSP<786>
Loss on dryingNMT 10.0% w/wUSP<731>
Total Heavy MetalsNMT 10 ppmUSP<231>
LeadNMT 0.5 ppmUSP<232>
ArsenicNMT 1 ppmUSP<232>
MercuryNMT 0.5 ppmUSP<232>
CadmiumNMT 0.5 ppmUSP<232>
Microbiology Test
Total Plate CountNMT 100,000 cfu/gUSP<61>
Yeast & MoldNMT 1000 cfu/gUSP<61>
E. ColiNMT 10 cfu/gUSP<62>
Staphylococcus aureusNegativeUSP<62>
Shigella CastellaniNegativeUSP<62>
ColiformsNMT 100 cfu/gUSP<62>

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1.What microbial parameters you consider while qualifying this product?

We ensure that microbial parameters in our products comply with microbial limits as specified by the American Herbal Product Association(AHPA)to prevent and control biological hazards.We generally test total plate count(TPC),Yeast andmold,E Coli Salmonella in our products.

2.Are the heavy metals content are within suitable limit as per CA prop 65?

Yes, All the heavy metals contents are within the limit and comply with the CA Prop 65 and

hence considered safe for human consumption.

3.Is this product Irradiated?

We do not accept irradiated organic barley grass powder to maintain the organic integrity of the product.

4.What mesh size is suitable for me to purchase?

The end application of the product generally helps in determining which mesh size is suitable to buy.

The mesh size is an important factor when the product will be subjected to further processing like encapsulation, tablet making, etc. Preformulation studies will help in the selection of particular mesh size.

5.How do you qualify organic barley grass powder based on heavy metal and why?

We test total heavy metals, lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium in our products.

These heavy metals, by several studies, are toxic for human consumption beyond certain limits and are known carcinogens. We also ensure that our product complies with California prop 65 regulations for lead content below 0.5 ppm levels. Hence, its safe for human consumption.

6.Is organic barley grass powder GMO free?

Genetically modified organisms may pose significant and challenging risks to food safety.

We do not accept barley grass powder from the farms and facilities where GMO crops are grown and processed.

7.What is the mesh size for this ingredient?

The mesh size we provide is generally between 40-100 mesh.

8.What does ash value represent in organic barley grass powder?

It is the residue remaining after the incineration of the drug or plant part. Ash value represents the amounts of inorganic salts naturally occurring in the ingredient and adhering to it.

It also includes inorganic matter, which helps to identify adulteration. Ash value greater than 5% is an indicator of the addition of inorganic metal salts in the product.

9.What is the maximum limit of Moisture content in organic barley grass powder which you provide?

We provide organic barley grass powder with moisture content below 5%.

The moisture content of the product facilitates the growth of microorganisms in the product, which in turn increases the risk of biological hazards. Moisture content below 5% in our product ensures better control of microbial growth and, in turn, increased shelf life.

10.What is the ash value in this product?

Ash value content in organic barley grass powder, which we provide, is below 5%.

11.Is E.coli salmonella present in organic barley grass powder?

No, E.coli & salmonella are absent in this ingredient.

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