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Analysis on the status quo and market competition pattern of China's plant extract industry industry chain in 2022

Time : 2022-06-16 Hits : 53

With the promulgation of the policies of "antibiotics in feed" and "limitation of antibiotics in breeding" in my country and around the world, "antibiotics for feeding" have turned to natural alternative products, and the impact of the new crown epidemic has also brought huge development space for traditional Chinese medicine formula granules and innovative traditional Chinese medicine drugs. The overall market demand is growing, and plant extracts will usher in a new development period as a raw material for "big health" products.

Plant extraction generally uses agricultural labor-intensive agricultural products as raw materials, and through high-tech processing, extracts health food and medicinal raw materials, and is widely used in the production fields of drugs, cosmetics, health products, food and beverages, etc., so the region of the entire industrial chain of the industry Very wide distribution.

A detailed analysis of each link in the industrial chain shows that the upstream of plant extracts is mainly in the field of plant raw materials and plant extract production and inspection equipment. Among them, the field of plant raw materials directly affects the development of the plant extract industry. The cost of raw materials in the upstream cost structure accounts for more than 90%. The development is greatly affected by the price of raw materials, and the industry has low bargaining power over upstream raw materials. When there is a shortage of upstream plant raw materials or price fluctuations, the plant extract industry will be greatly affected. In contrast, the plant extract industry has relatively strong bargaining power over the production equipment. Since there are many plant extract equipment manufacturers, the industry has a wider choice of products and a wider range of choices, and the buyer has an obvious advantage.

Plant extracts are important raw materials for the production of products in various downstream industries, such as medicine, cosmetics, food and beverage, and other industries that use plant extracts more or less. Therefore, the impact of a single market fluctuation on plant extracts is relatively small. Small, plant extracts have strong bargaining power in downstream industries. At the same time, as the scope of plant extraction increases, its downstream application fields are also expanding, and the downstream demand for plant extracts will increase accordingly. In recent years, as people pay more attention to natural plant extracts, the market demand for plant extracts may usher in greater growth, which will bring great benefits to the development of the industry.